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  • WLAN Router Wi2U - Mobile WLAN to UMTS router. £415.63

    WLAN Router

    The Wi2U WLAN to UMTS router is easily installed in your vehicle. The comprehensive range of applications of the Wi2U car hotspot allows for cost-effective and efficient mobile internet access for private and professional users as well as companies. The Wi2U hotspot offers mobile internet via GSM, UMTS and HSPA, WLAN access for up to eight users, secure access to the company network via VPN, reliable VoIP calls, e.g. with Skype, low-radiation in the vehicle interior due to external antennas, power supply through the car's own power system, simple firmware update via the internet, The router comes with a slot to insert your SIM card (SIM card with data functionality is necessary).

    Part Number: 4100-78-690

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £415.63

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