Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 Accessories

Protect your Mazda from scratches, dust, and other elements when being stored away.

  • Indoor vehicle cover
    with Mazda logo
    with Mazda logo £102.93

    Indoor vehicle cover

    Anti-static, dust repellent, Breathable (does not allow condensation to form), Internally lined, protects the bodywork from scratches, Thermic / self-extinguishing, it can be put in place even when the engine is hot, Practical and easy to handle (weight approximately 2800 gr.), Run-proof /rip-proof, Washable in a normal domestic washing machine (non-iron), Colourfast, anti-theft-system. Caution; all abrasive dirt must be cleared before cover is placed on vehicle. Not for outdoor use.

    Part Number: NE85-W2-110

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £102.93

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