Mazda3 Accessories

Light up your Mazda with these illuminated scuff plates.

  • Illuminated scuff plates
    for front and rear sills
    stainless steel, set of 4 pcs. £75.07

    Illuminated scuff plates

    front scuff plate has blue illuminated Mazda3 logo

    Part Number: BBP3-V1-370

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £75.07

    • Complementary Products

    • Welcome Illumination Blue LED-illumination for front foot room (Driver and Passenger side) £55.53

      Welcome Illumination

      The Welcome Illumination is connected with the interior light and will switch off automatically with a short delay after the doors are closed. An extension kit (C830-V7-700) is required for the combination with the blue Illuminated scuff plates.

      Part Number: C830-V7-050A

      RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £55.53

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