Mazda3 Accessories

First aid kit, warning triangle, & first aid guide. First step to complete safety

  • MINI-Combi-Bag Including (according to DIN 13164:2014), Warning triangle (according to 27R) and Warning vest (according to EN 20471), first aid guide included (languages: D, GB, F, I, P, E) £12.57


    First aid kit: 1 adhesive tape 2.5cm x 5m (DIN 13019 - A5x2.5) 8 adhesive plasters 10cm x 6m (DIN 13019 - E10x6) 3 ambulance dressings 8cm x 10cm STERILE (DIN 13151-M) 1 ambulance dressing 10cm x 12cm STERILE (DIN 13151-G) 2 surgical sheets 40cm x 60cm STERILE (DIN 13152-BR) 1 surgical sheet 60cm x 80cm STERILE (DIN 13152-A) 3 gauze bandages 8cm x 4m (DIN 61631-MB-8CV/CO) 2 gauze bandages 6cm x 4m (DIN 61631-MB-6CV/CO) 3 compresses 10cm x 10cm packed per 2 pcs STERILE 1 rescue cover 210cm x 160 cm 2 triangular bandage (DIN 13168-D) 1 pair of scissors (DIN 58279 - A145) 4 gloves in polybag (DIN EN 455-1 & DIN EN 455-2) 1 first aid instructions 1 list of content

    Part Number: 4100-77-401

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £12.57

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