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An elegant, lightweight and compact premium carrier.

  • Bicycle Carrier For tow bar mounting and 2 bicycles. (Rear fog lamp kit 4100-78-617 UK) required. £308.72

    Bicycle Carrier

    The bike carrier's low weight is a result of using aluminium and other high-tensile lightweight materials. Smart and innovative pump buckles for wheel straps for most comfortable and secure fastening of wheels with durable wheel straps Ergonomic one-hand-coupling with low closing-force and high stability. Foot-pedal-tilt for easy and convenient boot access while the carrier and bikes are mounted. A built-in stop prevents the bikes from touching the ground. The wide tilt-angle enables opening of even very large rear-doors without interfering with the carrier. With unique, detachable bike frame holders that can easily be removed, then returned in position after the bikes are loaded. A feature that makes loading of bikes faster and much more convenient. With rubber surface for protecting the bike frames. Fits all bike frames up to 80mm. Carrier lockable on towbar and all bikes lockable to carrier withone key - compatible with “Thule-One-Key-System”. Extendable/movable wheel holders and lights enable transport of bikes with large wheelbase. Increased distance between wheel holders for more clearance between the bikes. Folds flat for easy storage, compact enough to be kept in the trunk of the car.

    Part Number: 4100-78-617C

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £308.72

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