Mazda6 Accessories

  • WLAN Router Mobile WLAN router for up to eight devices. Public Hotspot feature. Positioning via integrated GPS module. £344.86

    WLAN Router

    Suitable for VPN, web radio, IP telephony.Harness kit (C850-V6-014) required for installation. Simply mounted in the vehicle, the WLAN router provides a reliable mobile internet solution via GSM, UMTS and HSPA. The WLAN router allows access for up to eight devices, allowing all passengers to surf the web simultaneously. In addition it provides secure access to networks via VPN, reliable VoIP calls, e.g. with Skype, low-radiation in the vehicle interior due to external antennas. Because of its small size the WLAN router with integrated GPS module is easily installed in the glove box of the vehicle. The router comes with a slot to insert your SIM card (SIM card with data functionality is necessary).

    Part Number: 4100-78-691

    RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £344.86

    • Complementary Products

    • WLAN Router Harness Cable harness required for WLAN router installation (4100-78-691). £27.88

      WLAN Router Harness

      Part Number: C850-V6-014

      RRP excluding fitting, including VAT £27.88

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