Buying overview

Why use a Mazda Dealer for your service?

At Mazda, we don’t only care for your car, but also for you – our customer. Having your car serviced at a Mazda Dealer means receiving professional service at competitive prices. For your car, it means fun to drive, reliability, safety and a favourable resale value. 


Service Plan

You can put your mind at ease with the Mazda Service Plan. You could choose a plan which offers 3 years Fixed Price Servicing*  so that you can be certain that your car retains the highest possible quality. The use of Mazda genuine parts and the support of specifically trained technicians ensure that your car stays in pristine condition. For more information regarding Service Plans contact your local Mazda Dealer.


Transparent pricing

Before your service, your technician will take you through the process so you won’t get any nasty surprises at the end. After the service, they’ll also tell you about any servicing and maintenance needs that might occur in the future.


Training and equipment

Our Mazda technicians regularly participate in the latest technology training to ensure efficient maintenance and diagnosis. They also invest in specially engineered tools and diagnostic equipment. Mazda technicians are committed to keeping themselves up-to-date with our technical information systems to provide you with an even better service.


Digital Service Record

All routine services carried out by Mazda Dealers are securely stored in our central Digital Service Record system. This avoids fraudulent entries, enhances the resale value and also means that you will always receive your vehicle’s entire service history at a glance.


A Mazda service fits your schedule

When you book your next service our dealers will arrange it for a time that suits your schedule. You won't be kept waiting. And they’ll even offer you a courtesy car if there’s one available.


Discover My Mazda

My Mazda is the personalised ownership platform for private Mazda customers. It allows you to keep all important Mazda ownership documents, manuals, service history and schedule, tutorials and warranty information in one place. It is available on desktop and as a mobile app.

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