Mazda FAQs


1. How often should I get my Mazda serviced? 

Service intervals vary depending on vehicle model. Click here to view the Mazda Service schedules.


2. Where can I get my Mazda serviced?

 We recommend that you have your Mazda serviced at a Mazda dealer as all staff have had the necessary training, use the Mazda specialist tools and have experience in looking after the full range of Mazda vehicles.  It is not obligatory for Mazda owners to have their vehicles serviced by a Mazda dealer, so if you decide to have your vehicle serviced outside of our network, it is important to ensure that any parts fitted are either Genuine Mazda parts or parts of equivalent quality to meet warranty requirements. It is also necessary to obtain a detailed service invoice listing the parts and oils used in the service, as this information may be required should you need to make a warranty claim.  To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


3. How much will a Mazda service cost?

Our Mazda Dealers are independent businesses and therefore specify their own labour charges. We recommend you speak to your local Dealer, who will be happy to advise you of the likely costs. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


4. I have missed one of my services. What happens now? 

Missed services need to be discussed with your local Mazda dealer as this may affect your vehicle’s warranty.  It is important that the servicing schedule is returned to normal as soon as possible. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


5. What is a Digital Service Record (DSR)?

Mazda's Digital Service Record is an innovative electronic service booklet, which replaces the traditional booklet. After each service, you'll get an updated printout with confirmation of the service and any work that has been carried out. Find out more about Digital Service Records here.


If your vehicle was built after 31 December 1997 and registered before 1 July 2006 you can choose to record your vehicle’s future service history using the DSR system. DSR is standard for all vehicles registered from 1 July 2006.


Your Mazda Dealer or Independent repairer can add your car to the system when you have your next service. Find out more about Digital Service Records here.


6.  When should the cam belt be renewed?

This will depend on the model and age of your Mazda. Please consult your Owner’s Handbook or Mazda dealer for advice on this. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


7. How can I purchase Mazda Roadside Assistance? 

To extend your Roadside Assistance please contact your local Mazda Dealer.


8. Can I buy a Service Plan?

Your Dealer can advise on the service plan payment options available including bespoke ‘pay monthly’ plans and transferable service packages you can buy ‘up front’.


Accident and Repair


1. What should I do if I have an accident or break down?

Should you ever be involved in an accident, break down or need to make an insurance claim for any reason, contact our Mazda Accident Aftercare programme “Call Mazda First” on 0800 015 0367 even before you call your insurer. 


We will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf, including liaising directly with your insurer to process the claim; completing your claims forms and exercising your legal right to have your vehicle repaired at a Mazda approved body shop. We’ll also arrange a free courtesy car, keep you informed of the progress of the repair and collect and deliver your repaired Mazda.  The team are on hand 24 hours a day to help whenever you're in need. For further information on Mazda Accident Aftercare, click here. 


 2. Why should I choose Mazda Accident Aftercare?

Mazda want to ensure that you receive the highest standards of body shop care. We aim to improve the Accident Aftercare experience for customers involved in a vehicle accident or breakdown, to protect the safety standards and residual value of customers’ vehicles. As Mazda Genuine Parts are developed to meet rigorous safety standards, the use of non-genuine parts on your Mazda could compromise vehicle and passenger safety. It also ensures that Mazda have more contact with customers at a time when you need support and peace of mind. For further information on Mazda Accident Aftercare, click here. 


3. What will Mazda customers pay for this service?

This is a free service to all Mazda customers, there’s no catch. We simply manage the claim on your behalf and when an accident is not your fault, we recover all costs from the other party’s insurance company. There will be no extra cost if the accident was your fault. Your only cost will be any uninsured costs such as policy excess. For further information on Mazda Accident Aftercare, click here. 


4. If I call Mazda first will it increase my next insurance premium?

If you were not at fault for the accident, the other party’s insurer pays for your claim. If the accident was your fault, any increase in your next premium should be no more than if the insurer’s body shop did the repair, as all repair costs must be approved by your insurer prior to proceeding. Your insurance premium may increase due to changes in circumstances, however they should not increase as a result of using “Call Mazda First”. For further information on Mazda Accident Aftercare, click here.




1. Something has failed on my Mazda. Is it covered under warranty?
This will depend on the cause of the failure.  Your Mazda dealer will be able to advise you further, which will involve the inspection of your vehicle. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here


2. There is a problem with my tyres, are they warrantable?

Tyres are covered separately by the respective tyre manufacturer. Your Mazda dealer or any independent tyre supplier will be able to handle any problems that may arise by returning the tyre to the appropriate manufacture. The manufacturer will inspect the defective tyre and if found to be defective, the amount of reimbursement will be assessed on the amount of tread remaining on the tyre. This means that any new tyre will need to be paid for in advance to keep the car mobile while the investigation takes place. 


3. What is the warranty on a part purchased via a Mazda dealer?

If you have purchased or cover the cost of a replacement part you will benefit from a 2-year/36,000-miles parts warranty. The warranty applies only to parts that fail as a result of defective material or workmanship at the time of manufacture.  No responsibility can be accepted for incorrect or improper installation.  All other exclusions are detailed in your Digital Service & Warranty handbook. 


4. Is the warranty transferable between owners? 
The standard Mazda warranty applies to the vehicle and is therefore transferable between owners.  When transferring owners it is essential to complete the ‘Change of Ownership’ card located in your Warranty Information & Digital Service Record booklet to ensure Mazda have the correct details on file for your Mazda. Alternatively you can advise us accordingly of a change of ownership using our Contact Us page.


If your Mazda has an extended warranty, please consult the terms and conditions of this agreement for further details.


5. I have just purchased an imported Mazda. How do I register the vehicle in the UK for warranty purposes? 

If you have purchased the vehicle from another EU country then the warranty is valid in the UK.If the vehicle originated from outside the EU there would be no warranty cover whilst the vehicle is in the UK.


6. How do I extend my vehicles warranty and what is covered?

You are able to purchase an Extended Warranty for your vehicle towards the end of the manufacturer’s period of cover.  Mazda Warranty Services will contact you to offer you the opportunity to extend your warranty. You will be able to choose from three levels of warranty cover, an option to reduce the premium by including a claims excess level and you can also add the benefit of Mazda roadside assistance to your cover. For all enquiries please contact Mazda Warranty Services on 0800 777 182 or visit www.mazdaextended.co.uk.



Travelling Abroad


1. What roadside assistance do I have when travelling abroad in Europe?

All new vehicles come with comprehensive Mazda European Assistance cover, which covers new vehicle for 3 years, regardless of vehicle mileage. We want you to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that should you become stranded help is at hand. If you've broken down, got a puncture, lost you keys or even run out of fuel whilst travelling abroad in Europe, Mazda's European Assistance can help. Contact us by telephone on +44 208 649 8626. To find out more about Mazda European Assistance, click here.


2. What happens if I breakdown when towing a caravan in the UK or Europe?

 If your Mazda vehicle were to break down whilst towing a caravan, then Mazda European Assistance would recover the caravan along with the car.  The exclusion to this would be if the vehicle were at a fixed location, i.e. home address or campsite and the caravan and car were not physically attached at the time of the breakdown.  Then only the car would be recovered.


3. I am travelling abroad with my vehicle, what do I need?

 Every country within Europe has different driving rules, laws and regulations. For the latest information please contact a well-known Motoring Organisation before you travel.Many items required for driving abroad including Bulb Kits, Warning Triangles and First Aid Kits and these can be purchased from your local Mazda dealer or Authorised Repairer. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here


4. I am travelling abroad with my vehicle, how can I change the beam of my lights?

As this will vary depending on vehicle model, please contact your local Mazda Dealer for further information. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here


5. Is my Mazda’s Digital Service Record available to Mazda Dealers outside of the UK?

 No matter where you are in Europe, every Mazda dealer will have access to your vehicle‘s service history, ensuring your Mazda is looked after accordingly. This helps avoid any unnecessary or repeat servicing and saves you both time and money. Find out more about Digital Service Records here.




1. I want to register my car permanently overseas and have been asked to supply a Certificate of Conformity, how do I get one?

Please call our customer services team on 03457 484848 who can arrange this for you.


Technical and Recall


1. Who can I contact for specific technical information?Your local Mazda dealer or Authorised Repairer will be able to assist you.  In the unlikely event that they do not have the information they can obtain this from our head office. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


2. Why does my fuel consumption vary from the figures published by Mazda?

The current mpg tests are designed to provide you with a simple way of comparing the performance between new models. In order to do this accurately, the tests have to be carried out in exactly the same way, regardless of manufacturer, model or even the country in which the test was conducted.  The only way the European Commission can ensure that manufacturers are all testing in the same way, is to stipulate the use of a rolling road test carried out in laboratory conditions. This keeps everything constant; ambient temperature, driving style and vehicle loading conditions to name a few.


With the tests conducted in this way, you will see some differences between the laboratory test and the real life performance. These differences could be better or worse than the published laboratory results depending on a number of factors.  For more information on how the standard fuel consumption test is calculated, visit Fuel testing scheme.


If you feel that your Mazda is not performing as it should and that there could be a technical issue which is affecting fuel economy, please contact your Mazda dealer; or for advice on how to make improvements to your fuel economy, please visit Green driving tips.


4. My engine revs are high on initial startup?

The SKYACTIVE engine revs high when cold and, this is normal. Mention is given to this in the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual as after starting a cold engine, the engine speed increases and a whining sound from the engine compartment can be heard. This is for improved exhaust gas purification and does not indicate defect of the parts. 

The cold start is determined by the coolant, barometric pressure and outside air temperature and this is the reason it may not happen every morning or on every start after the car has been left for a while. 


5. What is a safety recall?

If a vehicle manufacturer detects a concern on a vehicle that may cause a safety related issue they may undertake a vehicle safety recall whereby they try to locate every affected vehicle in order to have faults rectified.


From time to time Mazda identify areas where the ownership experience can be improved and may carry out small modifications to improve reliability or function. In the UK, vehicle recalls are operated under a code of practice agreed between the DVSA and the car manufacturers. DVSA operates a website which contains detailed information on vehicle recalls in the UK.  


6. How will I know if my vehicle is affected by a recall?

If you purchased your Mazda from a Mazda dealer your details will have been passed to Mazda Motors UK who will then write to you to advise if your vehicle is affected by a safety recall.  If you did not purchase your Mazda from a Mazda dealer then you will need to advise Mazda Motors that you are the new owner of the vehicle, by submitting the details on the ‘Change of Ownership’ card located in your Warranty Information & Digital Service Record booklet or by advising your local Mazda dealer.  If you are unsure if your vehicle is affected by a safety recall then your local Mazda dealer will be able to check this for you. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


7. Will I be charged for any recall work carried out on my vehicle?

No, all recall work will be carried out at no cost. 


General Enquiries 


1. What is My Mazda and how do I register?

My Mazda is our online ownership platform that you can access at home or on the move and is available via the website or as a mobile app. Use My Mazda to manage all your car-related documents as well as service and warranty details. Plus, it helps you stay in touch with us and view the latest news. To register for register “My Mazda” go to www.mazda.co.uk and follow the steps.


2. I've lost my owner's manual. How do I get a new one? 

Please contact your local Mazda dealer or Authorised Repairer who will be able to assist you. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.


3. Where can I find further information on Motability?

Information on Motability can be found here.


4. How do I dispose of my Mazda?

 As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment, we now have the facility to take back any Mazda vehicle and dispose of it in an environmentally-responsible manner. Read more in our End of Life section on the disposal of any Mazda vehicle. 

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5. Have we missed anything?

If you have a question about your car you can Contact Mazda directly or speak to your local Mazda Dealership or Authorised Repairer who will help in any way they can. Contact Mazda using the details provided on our Contact Us page.


The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.