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The safety of you and your passengers relies on your ability to stop quickly - which is why high performing brakes are so important.

Brake pads and shoes gradually wear down every time you put your foot on the brake. Contact your local Mazda Dealer or Authorised Repairer to arrange or book a service.


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Braking Effectiveness

Low-quality brakes can be as unpredictable as the road you're driving on. This comparison chart* shows how Mazda Genuine Brake Pads provide excellent braking effectiveness.


Stopping distance comparison


*Information based on an independent study performed for Mazda Motor Corporation in February 2004.

Contact your local Mazda Dealer to arrange or book a service.

The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.