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Mazda Shock Absorbers

Mazda Shock Absorbers help to provide a safe and comfortable drive. Significantly influencing your vehicle's handling performance and suspension, Mazda Shock Absorbers protect the frame and other parts of the car from wear and tear and, hence, keeping down maintenance costs.


Comfort is key when driving your Mazda, so we have made sure the high quality and optimum precision of our shock absorbers is outstanding, ensuring excellent handling on dry, wet and uneven roads.


shock absorbers



What are the risks of shock absorbers being in poor condition?

  • Increased braking distances 
  • Ineffective road holding 
  • Increased tyre wear 
  • Driving discomfort

The loss of functionality of shock absorbers is hard to notice but can compromise your safety. Your local Mazda Dealer has the latest diagnostic equipment to check your vehicle's shock absorbers. Ask to have your shock absorbers checked at your next service.

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