Tyre & brake check


Your tyres and brakes are probably the two most important features when it comes to road safety, and yet few of us check them as often as we should. One alarming statistic, for example, is that the tread on 10% of all tyres is below the legal limit of 1.6mm. That's why we're introducing an offer that's sure to stop you in your tracks - a tyre and brake check, carried out by fully-trained Mazda technicians.


What do you get with a Mazda Tyre and Brake Check?

Book a Mazda Tyre and Brake Check and your car will receive a thorough examination. Technicians will conduct a visual inspection of the brake components; handbrake and brake fluid levels, while assessing tyre condition and tyre tread depth.


We’ll also provide you with a written report detailing all current and potential issues, so you can drive away with all the knowledge you need to care for your Mazda.

To book your Tyre and Brake Check or to find out more, please contact your local Mazda Dealer or visit our 'Owner Maintenance' page.

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