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Remarkable fuel economy from a car that’s a pleasure to drive

Mazda CX-5 delivers outstanding environmental performance without compromising your driving experience. We’ve created a highly efficient, aerodynamic car using SKYACTIV Technology and new materials to make the car lighter, yet still remarkably strong.


With i-stop you’re saving fuel when you’re idling in traffic, it’s no wonder that Mazda CX-5 offers excellent fuel economy and competitive CO2 emissions starting from 119g/km. And both petrol and diesel engines also comfortably exceed Euro Stage 6 emission standards.


You won’t be surprised this is an ultra-efficient car that’s a pleasure to drive. After all, that’s what we do at Mazda.


CO2 emissions


Combined Fuel Consumption

SKYACTIV powertrains The driving force behind fuel efficient performance

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The SKYACTIV engine and transmission that drive this efficient car’s performance.

SKYACTIV powertrains are a combination of both our engines and transmissions. They’re designed to complement each other to produce an efficient car with higher performance and better fuel economy.


That means our engines are capable of producing outstanding environmental performance, especially compared to others in the SUV segment. Our SKYACTIV-D diesel engine delivers up to 61.4mpg – even though it’s turbocharged. And our SKYACTIV-G petrol engine achieves up to 47.1mpg.

i-stop technology Better fuel efficiency from an efficient car with no compromise

“mazda cx-5 i-stop” mazda cx-5 i-stop

Inspired by cyclists, our i-stop system positions the pistons perfectly to quickly restart the engine.

By switching off your engine when you’re idling in traffic, i-stop improves your car’s fuel efficiency. You’ll hardly notice this because i-stop restarts your engine more quickly and smoothly than most stop-start systems. So your engine’s ready as soon as you need it.

Winning several technology awards, this is the world’s only start-stop system that uses combustion energy to restart. And yet, unlike most other mid-size SUVs, our i-stop system is standard with every grade.

Features Explore the detail beneath the surface

Model shown may not be to UK specification. Colours and some exterior and/or interior elements may differ on screen from the actual model. ¹Mazda CX-5 2.2 150ps Diesel (2WD 6-speed manual)

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