Tax and Insurance


SKYACTIV Technology is all about fuel economy, low emissions and, most importantly, making driving more fun. Coupled with innovative technology such as Mazda’s i-Stop system, Mazda2 delivers no compromise  on performance yet offers an attractive low cost of ownership. Add to this the benefit of Smart City Brake Support (on selected models), our low-speed collision avoidance technology, Mazda2 can also save on costly insurance premiums.


Below are the listed CO2 emissions, road tax and insurance groups for Mazda2.


CO2  emissions 

 Road Fund Licence Band

Insurance Group 

Mazda2  75ps  SE  110  B  13E
Mazda2  75ps  SE-L  110  B  13E
Mazda2  90ps SE-L  105  B  15E
Mazda2  90ps SE-L Nav  105  B  15E
Mazda2  90ps SE-L Auto  112  C  15E
Mazda2  90ps SE-L Nav Auto  112  C  15E
Mazda2  90ps Sport  105  B  16E
Mazda2  90ps Sport Nav  105  B  16E
Mazda2  90ps Sport Auto  112  C  16E
Mazda2  90ps Sport Nav Auto  112  C  16E
Mazda2  115ps Sport Nav  117  C  19E
Mazda2  90ps Sport Black  105  B  16E

SKYACTIV-D Diesel CO2  emissions   Road Fund Licence Band   Insurance Group 
Mazda2  105ps SE-L Diesel  89  A  15E
Mazda2  105ps SE-L Nav Diesel  89  A  15E
Mazda2  105ps Sport Diesel   89  A  15E
Mazda2  105ps Sport Nav Diesel  89  A  16E

The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.