End Of Life

End Of Life

Mazda End of Life and Environmental Commitments

Protecting the environment. Contributing to a better society. Minimising pollution. Conserving world resources.


The future is looking up with SKYACTIV Technology

At Mazda we embrace a challenge, and there is perhaps no greater challenge than the one we all face in the 21st century: protecting our environment. We set ourselves a unique project – to engineer a new driving technology that contributes to the greater sustainability of our earth’s energy resources, while at the same time improving our engine technology and performance. We came up with SKYACTIV Technology.


An important breakthrough

With SKYACTIV Technology we completely re-engineered every automotive component, including  the engines, the transmissions, the bodies and the vehicle chassis. As a result we were able to acheive significant advances across these areas. Crucially the new technology offers a breakthrough eco solution, radically defying convention to give a 30% improvement in fuel economy and a 25% improvement in CO2 – a bold step toward a more sustainable vehicle. Find out more about SKYACTIV Technology.


Mazda and the environment

At Mazda we are committed to our environmental principles one hundred percent. This commitment is born out in our actions: we've reduced waste material going into landfills in our production facilities by 55% since 1990, and our overall recycling rate has topped 91% (1996). Over 75% of our plastic parts can be recycled, and all our gaskets and brake-pads are asbestos-free. We don't use ozone-damaging CFCs in polyurethane products, and finally, many of our plants have passed the stringent ISO 14001 test - commonly known as the environmental ISO.


End of Life vehicles

All cars eventually reach the end of the road. Mazda UK has teamed up with CarTakeBack who provide a network of professionally managed authorised treatment facilities (ATF’s). These are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and meet Mazda’s quality standards for the receipt, treatment and recovery of End of Life Vehicles.


How CarTakeBack works

The service is completely free of charge to the last registered holder or keeper of a Mazda vehicle (providing that the vehicle is complete and contains the essential components including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalyst where fitted. The vehicle must also be free from additional waste such as garden/household waste, additional tyres etc).

Recycle your old car


If you are ready to scrap your car now (regardless of Make or model), just click here or on the ‘Get a Quote’ button to see how much your car could be worth and to arrange its free collection.


Battery Recycling

All battery producers in the UK are required to be registered with the Government as part of an EU-wide initiative to increase battery collection/recycling and completely prohibit the landfill/incineration of batteries. Mazda UK is registered as a Producer of Batteries under Registration Number BPRN00480.


How are batteries recycled?

When an automotive (starter) battery in your vehicle reaches its end of life, it can be delivered to any of the following facilities for disposal: civic amenity and recycling centres, local authority battery collection schemes (please check with your local council), licensed scrap yards and authorised treatment facilities (car dismantlers etc).


Mazda and Battery Recycling

Your Mazda dealer will be happy to provide advice on the safe recycling of the batteries fitted to your vehicle.  We are working in partnership with BatteryBack Plc to ensure that all Mazda batteries are recycled safely and in accordance with the Regulations. For further information on any of the above, please contact BatteryBack Plc (www.batteryback.org), or contact your local Mazda dealer.

How can we help?

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