Euro 6 Emissions

Euro 6 Emissions

Euro 6 Emissions

European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. The current legal standard since September 2014 is Euro Stage 6. Our ground-breaking new SKYACTIV-D Diesel and SKYACTIV-G petrol engines, available across the entire Mazda range exceed these stringent Euro Stage 6 emissions standards. All new Mazda models also comply with Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) requirements.


As the World’s lowest compression ratio diesel, our SKYACTIV-D diesel engines currently easily meets Euro6 standards without the aid of expensive NOx (nitrogen oxide) after treatment systems such as AdBlue, and represents one of the most efficient and powerful choices available today.


Our innovative SKYACTIV diesel technology allows the compression ratio to be much lower than traditional diesels. That makes the compression temperature and pressure at the optimal moment of fuel combustion lower too. That means ignition takes longer, so the air and fuel has time to mix much better, making combustion more uniform and complete. The more complete the combustion, the less CO2, and NOx is produced.


For more specific information regarding the EU emission compliance of our Mazda range please contact your local Mazda Dealer.


Mazda Repair and Maintenance Information


The Euro Stage 6 standards have ensured new common requirements for motor vehicle emissions, replacement parts and access to vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information for Independent Operators.  Whether you are an authorised Mazda dealer, repairer, employee or an Independent Operator, you can access this information via our portal for all the Repair and Maintenance Information you'll need, such as technical information, parts identification and the Digital Service Record.

To register as an Independent Operator with Mazda, simply log in or create an account.

The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.